Fragrance Categories

There are an infinite number of olfactory combinations. Most people tend to be drawn to a certain type of fragrance. To simplify the process for our candle customers, we classify these into five categories.

Wild, Warm, and, Indulgent. This scent is often rich and luxurious.
Olfactory examples: Amber, cinnamon, patchouli, vanilla, and anise.

Soft, Romantic, and, Calming. This scent is mild and delicate.
Olfactory examples: Fresh-cut flowers, lavender, jasmine, rose, and magnolia.

Bright, Revitalizing, and, Vibrant. This scent is energizing and clean.
Olfactory examples: Green leaves, freshly cut grass, green tea, aquatic plants, zesty citrus, and herbal.

Edible, Comforting, and, Sweet. This scent is known for being mouth-watering and delicious.
Olfactory examples: Baked goods, honey, chocolate, candy, and juicy berries.

Rich, Opulent, and, Earthy. This scent is known for being warm, spicy, and intimate.
Olfactory examples: Crisp dry woods, cedar, sawdust, oakmoss, sap, and sandalwood.